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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love to fish.  If you like to fish, then you need to know this website.  It is for tide charts.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Sides To The Same Coin

Think Bush was bad?  Let us be just as critical of Obama.  It's part of being a citizen.  Oh yeah, and quit caring about Lindsey and Snooky and read a book.  Learn about the Weimar Republic.  Learn about the Progressive movement.  Learn about autonomy.

Critical Of The Entire Political Process In America Today

Ever wondered how money is actually created?  What is a central bank?  What is a Federal Reserve note?  Why is materialism driving our culture?  Can you name the first three presidents of the United States off the top of your head?  Why should you care?

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My Email Assignment For LIS 201

The Cook Library at Southern Mississippi currently has an exhibit dedicated to the Universities centennial celebration.  It is located just inside the front doors or the library.  It is on the right where the old computer lab was. 
            There are many items of historical and local cultural importance inside this exhibit.  There are several yearbooks that date back to the early 20th century.  They are very neat to examine.  One is able to see the evolution of culture and society in Hattiesburg throughout the century.  There are also many old uniforms from different time period throughout the past.  These include graduation gowns, band uniforms, and others.  
            One item inside the centennial exhibit that catches one’s eye, is the original “blue book.”  It was originally named “Blue jay.”  I thought this was sort of entertaining.  I thought blue books were a relative recent phenomenon.  There are also many old photographs in the exhibit.  These are particularly interesting.  They also may show a cultural evolution over the century, but with a very human dimension.  One can almost attach a person from their own lives to many of the faces shown in the pictures.  These help one to understand that once these individuals were very much alive and valid in the world.
            The centennial exhibit in the Cook Library is very interesting.  I would recommend that any student, or other individuals interested in the past, should visit.